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Best 0.1 mm Beard Trimmers in India

Not every men are fond of clean shaven face. They donot want a full beard too. For a Neatly trimmed beard you need a high quality beard trimmer. Beard trimmers are popular now a days because they give perfectly trimmed, clean beard. There are many trimmers available in the market. selecting the right one for you is a difficult task. You need a proper knowledge of the technology and the features offered by them. Given below are the important factors to consider while buying a trimmer.

Important factors to consider while buying a trimmer in India

Corded usage: Corded usage means that the trimmer can be used while it is charging. When you are in a hurry to go somewhere, you check the trimmer and you found that the battery is low. In this case trimmers with corded usage feature can help you. You can use it while it is plugged so that trim your beard while the trimmer is charging. This is an important feature to consider while buying a trimmer. 

Recharge time: It is the time taken by the trimmer (battery) to fully charge. Low cost trimmers takes long time to fully charge. Best trimmers take less time to charge. You should buy a trimmer than can be fully charged within 1 hour. 

Run time: Run time is the time which the trimmer can run on battery after a full charge. Run time also an important factor when deciding which trimmer to choose. Some trimmers allow about 60 minutes of run time on a single full charge, so that you can use it again and again without the worry of charging. Get trimmers with at least 45 minutes of run time. 

Blades: Blades are the only thing that comes into contact with the skin. They are trimmers with stainless steel blades and even trimmers with titanium coated blades. You should ensure that the trimmer blades are made of at least stainless steel so that blades will not corrode over time. Also ensure that the blades have rounded tips so that they will not be any cuts or scratches on your skin. 

Precision settings: There are trimmers than can give precision up to 0.5 mm. Getting a trimmer with the least precision can get you cleanly trimmed beards. The best trimmers in the market comes with 20 length settings. 

Cord length: Cord length is not an important factor while choosing a trimmer. But there should be enough length so that the trimmer can be used while connected to the plug. 

Warranty: The length of warranty should be considered when buying the trimmer. Philips gives a total warranty of 3 years when you register the product with them.


Considering the above facts I have made a list of best trimmers in India so that you can choose the best beard trimmer that will fit your needs.


Philips Qt 4011/15

Philips has been long known for making the best trimmers in the world. They provide excellent features for low price. Philips also provide a total of 3 year warranty to those who register the product on their website.To read more specifications & to buy this product.---> Click here



Panasonic ER 207 wk

This the only Panasonic trimmer in the list. Panasonic makes trimmers of top notch quality but unlike Philips they only make a few few trimmer models. This trimmer has a 12 settings dial which can be used to adjust the precision of the trimmer. The trimmer is made with ergonomic s curve so that it can be handled easily.To read more specifications & to buy this product.----->Click here



This Philips trimmer is the most popular trimmer in online shops like Amazon and Flipkart but in reality its does not have the features of the best trimmer in this list. Its only popular because the trimmer’s price to performance ratio. The draw back of the trimmer is that it does take long time to get charged.To read more specifications & to buy this product.----->Click here



This trimmer also has most of the features but it takes 10 hours to get fully charge and does not allow corded usage while charging. The least precision of this trimmer is 1mm .To read more specifications & to buy this product.----->Click here


Hope you liked the post. If you have any questions regarding anything feel comment below.Also check out Beard styles for men with Round face.


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